Opening Summer 2020

We will see each other again very soon

Now it is time to stay at home, it is time for all of us to be responsible in order to recover our lives ... Everything will be fine, be patient... we will go back to the streets, we will hug each other again, the children will fill the parks, we will travel again, we will get together to eat out ... From this situation of confinement,  at Hotel Naudi we continue to work in order to offer you the best as we reopen our doors ...

Meanwhile, if you wish, you can contact us by email:

Opening forecast: July 2020

  • A restaurant close to the moutains

    Are you looking for a place to eat?
  • The cafeteria

    The meeting point for a glass of wine, to have a coffee or a snack
  • The living room

    A cosy and charm space with a refined decoration
  • Rest in harmony

    The simplicity of luxury
  • The Suites, a well deserved whim

    Uniques and specials...
  • A terrace to dream

    This stunning place is waiting for you