Do you want to support a scientific project? 

At Hotel Naudi we are currently collaborating with the sale of IMO Foundation solidarity products for the research into minority diseases such as Retinal Dystrophies. 

Retinal Dystrophies are the first cause of hereditary blindness in developed countries and are characterized by accelerated and progressive degeneration of retinal cells. 

Did you know that there are over 300 responsible genes and up to 5,000 described mutations in this disease? 

Currently, patients with Retinal Dystrophy do not have any treatment to slow down or cure the disease. 

The IMO Foundation, created in 2010, acts as a platform to promote new ways to improve the vision and quality of life of many people and also by researching these pathologies to find a treatment. 

The team of professionals of the Foundation, fight tirelessly in the investigation of this and other diseases that severely affect vision causing low vision and blindness.


You can also collaborate for treatment research:


1. Buying one of our solidarity products at our reception

2. Making a donation through BIZUM with the code 00413

3. Accessing the Foundation's website directly..