Cuisine with soul

Gastronomy is part of the DNA of Naudi's family


When looking at the origins of the family business, we find the answers in the kitchen ... for this reason, in this new era of Naudi, part of the roots have been recovered paying special attention to a careful and selected gastronomic offer.

Traditional dishes that combine the flavours of a lifetime with current touches that make the real difference to our proposals.

A varied selection of raw products, “llaunes”, rice dishes, grills ...

Local and proximity products 

A cozy atmosphere open to everybody where the restaurant and the living room combine in harmony, to make you feel like at home.


See you there!


Opening Hours

From Monday to Sunday

Lunch: 1 p.m to 4 p.m 

Dinner: 8.00 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. 


Make your reservation

Telephone. (00376) 739 300


* Our restaurant is also open to external clients without age restrictions.


    Stoves with heart and soul

    Gastronomy and Champagne


  • Arròs del senyoret
  • Filet de bou Rossini
  • Turbot amb all i bitxo
  • Flam de mascarpone
  • Ensaladilla Naudi amb ventresca de tonyina
  • Navalles sense feina amb suc
  • Bacallà esqueixat amb tomàquet de penjar amanit i olives Kalamata
  • Gaspatxo d'alvocat amb aguachile de gambes
  • Lasanya de vieires i llamàntol amb el seu suc
  • Tonyina vermella laminada a la catalana
  • Pota de pop a la brasa cruixent i patates matxucades amb salsa kimchi i cabdells envinagrats
  • Mousse de xocolata amb gelat de vainilla